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Discover The Stockport Pyramid

The Stockport Pyramid is something most people drive past on the M60 motorway every day driving to and from Manchester. It's huge iconic pyramid shaped design in blue makes it an appealing landmark and has been in existence in 1987. It's certainly a distinctive landmark in Stockport and it has an interesting history too. In fact, the most liked aspect that people mention when they discover the Stockport Pyramid is the blue coloured glass which changes in colour to white at the very top of the pyramid, it's certainly not an eyesore and is something that local people in Stockport like. I guess most people would ask "Why a pyramid shape?" well that's because the Cooperative Group wanted a theme called "Valley Of The Kings" so with such an egyptian theme in mind, that's why they it was designed in the shape of a pyramid.

The Stockport Pyramid In Manchester

What Is The Stockport Pyramid In Manchester?

The Stockport Pyramid was a call centre owned and operated by the Cooperative Group in Manchester, the call centre staff based in the Manchester Stockport Pyramid were employed directly by the Cooperative Group to deal with all customer banking enquires, working on shifts including days and weekends. At the moment, the Stockport Pyramid lays dormant in Manchester as the Cooperative Group moved it's entire call centre team elsewhere. However, even though it is no longer in use - the Stockport Pyramid is now up for sale.

This is one of Manchester's iconic landmarks and is just of the many landmarks you can find in Manchester - from the Hilton Hotel on Deansgate, right up to the Lowry and more. Of course there are lots of other places to explore in Manchester - but none as well designed (for commercial purposes) as this is.

How Big Is The Stockport Pyramid In Manchester?

Manchester's Stockport Pyramid is exactly 86,000 square foot so that's just a huge complex, which in turn contains some five separate office floors. Not only that, but the Stockport Pyramid also includes a car park which can host up to 426 individual car parking spaces. Quite easily the Stockport Pyramid could host around 1,600 staff - around 300+ per floor. Often local people say that it's a real shame that such a well respected landmark isn't in full use, especially as it's ideally situated just outside the centre of Manchester. When you explore Stockport for the first time, it's not hard to miss!

Where Exactly Is The Stockport Pyramid In Manchester?

The Stockport Pyramid is on junction one of the M60 motorway in Stockport, Manchester. It is easy to discover and is in a prime business location within easy commute of Manchester and the outskirts of Manchester via road, railways and tramway too. To find the Stockport Pyramid, you can use Google Maps and type in these co-ordinates - 53.40979, -2.15761. In terms of rail travel, you can travel from London to the Stockport Pyramid in just around two hours - so it's very easy to get to.

The postal address for the Stockport Pyramid is:
The Co operative Bank, Pyramid, Kings Valley, Stockport, SK4 2JZ.

What Is The History Of The Stockport Pyramid?

The Stockport Pyramid was first built in 1987 and was unfortunatly left half completed for several years after the original devlopers went bust. In 1992, the site was finally completed and the Cooperative Group moved in three years later in 1995. Then the Cooperative Bank Customer Services team was setup within the Stockport Pyramid with the aim of serving banking customers across the UK from one call centre. In 2018 the Cooperative Group then moved out of the Stockport Pyramid and moved into Manchester NOMA and then instructed Cushman & Wakefield to sell the Stockport Pyramid. As of the present day, the Stockport Pyramid still lies unsold, empty and un-used - but hopefully one day it will find a new interested Buy Blinds And Curtains Iner.

Discover The Stockport Pyramid In Manchester For Yourself

Why not visit the this amazing landmark in Manchester? It's easy to get to via road or rail and is quite something to behold. Okay, it's private property but there's nothing to stop you walking up and taking pics and saying "I was here!". Who knows what it will be one day, maybe a hotel, shopping centre or maybe something else? One thing is for sure, when you visit Manchester - come and discover the Stockport Pyramid for yourself!

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